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Corey Haynes
LBJ ECHS Librarian
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The LBJ Early College High School Library

The LBJ Library is one of the most dynamic places on campus and will continue to be even in it's temporary space during the 2021-2022 school year. The former library space is being remodeled and will open in the fall of 2022.


The library's multi-purpose function lends itself to hosting book clubs, art shows, banquets, meetings, guest speakers and annual exams. However, the primary purpose is to assist faculty and students and support their academic growth and success.


While in the library, students have access to computers, free printing, and a wide variety of school supplies and art materials for projects. They can also check out print books from our large collection. The collection is available for searching at


Students also have access to a vast array of virtual resources through the MackinVIA app, including ebooks, audiobooks and 44 databases. MackinVIA can be accessed through the student portal on a Chromebook or by downloading the app to phones or other devices through the App Store/Google Play. Students use their portal id and password.


You may contact the librarian at [email protected] for questions, ideas, or help with classes and research. Announcements about book club meetings and other library news will be posted on the "LBJ Library Course" Blend page; parents are encouraged to sign up to receive Blend announcements.