Principal's Message

Dear LBJ Early College High School Community:


I am honored and extremely excited to be selected as the principal of LBJ Early College High School. I know there’s a long history of school pride, and I enter this community with great respect for your pride, structures, systems and collective accomplishments over the years. 


LBJ ECHS is unique campus with excellent programs and activities that promote high student achievement. As amazing as the academic programs are, we know that it’s the hard work of the students, families, staff, community and our partners who make the school special!


My first and most important task is to get to know you and the campus as we work together to create common goals for our staff and student achievement!


I also want to learn about your expectations, interests and goals for improving the academic performance of our children. To accomplish this, I will set aside specific times to visit with faculty and staff individually and in a small groups.

The goal of our meetings will be to listen and learn about our shared priorities. We will collaborate and develop a campus action plan to ensure continued success in the following areas:

  • Our goals for our children
  • What’s working and what improves learning for all students
  • What obstacles are preventing learning for all students
  • Actions we should take to overcome those obstacles
  • Overall actions needed to ensure that our campus remain a great place to work, and have a positive effect on our students, district and community.

My ultimate goal is to not only learn as much as possible and establish a plan to achieve common goals, but also to build positive relationships that will allow us to learn and work together.

Collaboration & Teamwork—LBJ Jaguar PRIDE!

Principal, Jon Bailey
LBJ Early College High School