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Principal Tracilynn Wright
Principal Tracilynn Wright
Trenton O. Law, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal, Grades 11 and 12
Assistant Principal Trenton Law
Biography/Educational Philosophy:

My inspiration and desire to be an assistant principal has been the result of my interpretation and philosophy of the role of assistant principal experienced through my observance of interactions with established administrators, as well as my desire to serve in the position. I believe that in the school community, one should be willing and ready to be involved and assist in any area of need.  When things need to be done, I believe in making the effort and assisting, whether or not it is my assigned duty.


My experience, training, and education in the military taught me the skills necessary to know how to manage people and resources; my training and experience as a teacher gave me the opportunity to learn how to connect with students and teach them in ways that they can learn; and my education and experience as a counselor has enabled me to understand human behavior and how to effectively manage people.  I believe that administrators, especially, must be stakeholders in the success of our students and staff.  We must be adamant about changing processes that do not fit or work and help create those that do, according to student and staff needs.


I have a passion for student success, not only personally and socially, but academically as well.  The moment that encouraged me to pursue an assistant principal position was when one of my former principals introduced me to some of his colleagues and stated to them that I should be a principal because of my growth mindset and my passion and ability to create opportunity and atmosphere for student success.  The totality, to date, of my life’s experiences has been my inspiration for being an assistant principal.
Ychacka Sells, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal
Ychacka Sells Assistant Principal