Campus Administration

Dee Biester
Interim Academy Director
Dee Biester
 I retired from education after 32 years.   I taught and coached from 1987 until 2008 when I moved into administration.  My hobbies include reading, gardening, and watching Crime TV. 
Ychacka Sells, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal
Ychacka Sells Assistant Principal

I became an educator in 2007, and during that time I have served as a Biology and Aquatic Science teacher, Austin ISD Science Teacher Mentor, and a Science Department Chair. I have spent the last three years of my career as the Akins HS New Tech Academy Coordinator. I believe that my experience as an educator has taught me the value of equitable education for all students and through my various leadership roles I have learned tools and lessons to create and guide both students and teachers in creating an environment and culture where all education endeavors are treated as a means to discover the world around them.


As a leader in the world of education, it is up to me to hold true to my philosophy of education. I believe that every student should be offered a quality education no matter race or social economic status. I would want to lead a campus or district in analyzing ways to create a curriculum that is designed for all students. Educational experiences were all stakeholders who have a hand with designing the education system must keep the students and their futures at the forefront of their minds. Parents must be kept in the loop and educated on how to help their students be successful. When all parties work collaboratively, then a student will be given the tools to be successful in both higher learning and career aspirations.



Ben Melendez

Assistant Principal 10th Grade



Ben Melendez


I've been in education for over 11 years, I've had the role of an AP for over a year and a half, I've taught Dual Credit courses, I've worked in the Insurance Industry, I've also worked in the Home Improvement retail industry, I'm a US Army veteran Airborne trained, I'm an avid runner, I've ran marathons and I'm originally from El Paso, TX.