Daniel Duette » JAG KUDOS



 (Samuel Salas - SpED Teacher/Soccer Coach) - Mr. Salas goes above and beyond for his students. He took time to communicate plans for one of the students on his caseload with me. He also helped to make sure this student received a care package from the school and followed up with me about it. Also - the Girls' soccer team won their game on Monday which is awesome!


 (Mr. Lathan, Math Dept. Chair) - Mr. Lathan jumped into action to support a student after school earlier this week. He put aside his own work to contact different teachers and track down the student. All to make sure that the student was safe.

 (Rodney Henderson Sped. Inclusion) - This person is a constant source of positive encouragement to all student he come in contact with, pushing them to do better, prepare for opportunities, broaden their horizons and be good people. He also makes himself available to assist student and point them in the right direction if their issues are beyond his scope.


 (Ben Melendez, 10th Grade Principal) - For the wonderful support that he has provided all year, especially with respect to attendance.


 (Michael Ortiz, SpEd teacher and 504 Coordinator) - For the excellent job that he is doing is supporting our SpEd and 504 students.


 (Ms. Owen, School Nurse) - Ms. Owen gets to work early to make sure that the temperature stations are ready to go, so that students don't have to wait outside in the cold. She is never too busy to help with a students' needs.