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  • (Jesse Schultz, LMHP) - Thank you Mr. Shultz for all the phone calls, homevisits, temperature taking, student supporting and daily positivity!
  • (James Ockleberry, Security Guard) - Mr. Ockleberry spreads positivity,compassion, and wisdom on a daily basis. Thank you!
  •  (ETHELYN MACKSON [ACADEMIC SUPPORT]) - Ms. Mackson is ALWAYSready and willing to step in and be of assistance and support when needed! She
    is a bright and shining face full of kind energy! We are lucky to have her! Thank you, Ms. Mackson!
  •  (BRIDGET SHORTER [INSTRUCTIONAL COACH]) - Great job on running the PSAT testing days! It was a smooth, stress-free day!
  • (Ms. Perryman) - Always does a great job of organizing ARD days.
  • (Dee Biester) - Ms. Biester has been a true asset to LBJ with her expertise and guidance during STAAR EOC testing this past week. She hit the ground running
    hard and I never see her slow down. Thank you for joining the LBJ family, Ms.Biester!
  • (English Department + Ms. Zarate) - A huge thank you to the English Department + Ms. Zarate for supporting our 11th and 10th graders with College Board testing
    (SAT/PSAT) this week. You all created a warm and welcoming testing environment for our students and encouraged college readiness. We sincerely appreciate your time + efforts to make this week a smooth testing experience for all!
  • (Steve Davis Head Custodian) - Mr. Davis is always willing to help me when I ask no matter how busy he is. Always has a great smile and personality. Brighten ups
    my day.
  • (Mr. Ray - Security) - Mr. Ray is always willing to come help me when I call him. He also has a wonderful smile and personality. Makes my days easier.
  • (Melissa Harner, Teacher) - I was feeling down, and Miss Harner gave me cookies and a hug. She's always there to "pour into" her co-workers and put a
    smile on our faces. We are fortunate to have her.
  • (Ray Jackson) - I am nominating Ray Jackson because he comes into my classroom a few times a week talking with the 9th & 10th graders encouraging
    them to keep up the great work and not giving up no matter how challenging it may get. He informs students if they are needing anything to find him. Now that’s
    Jaguar Strong
  • Our Mission: College & Career Prep-Jaguar STRONG:
  •  (Mr. Henderson (Sped Inclusion) ) - Mr. Henderson I must say goes the extra mile around LBJ. He helps with various students encouraging them to stay on
    track with grades, attending class, and mannerism. He gives them life lesson tips such as not being afraid to ask teachers any question you may have. Reminding
    students that teachers are here to help students reach their next destination. Plus, he has an awesome personality where he is able to reach student in an out
    the box kind of thinking way.
  • (Elizabeth Leight) - For creating a never-ending stream of Nearpods
  • (Ms. Washington, Ms. Switek, Ms. Fournier, Ms. Denapoli, Ms. Moreno) - Huge thank you to Ms. Washington, Ms. Switek, Ms. Fournier, Ms. Denapoli, Ms.
    Moreno for being rock star EOC helpers behind the scenes before, during and after testing. You were all running around LBJ ECHS at a moment's request, and
    we wouldn't have been able to do this without you!
  • (Carolyn Payne- Bookkeeper) - Mrs. Payne is always courteous and makes me smile. She helps me a lot. I am grateful we have such an amazing bookkeeper!
    She takes care of business! You are Awesome!