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School Nurse

Located on the 1st Floor Next to the main office
Amy Owen
Ms. Amy Owen, RN/MSN
512-414-7024 Capus Office Number
512-324-0195 Student Health Services Number
Over The Counter Medications
 High school students may carry "over the counter" medications with them as long as the medication is in the original container and contains the instructions for administration. The student is to take the medication as directed and is not to share medication with peers.
Prescription Medication During School Hours

If your student needs to take prescription medication during school hours, please complete the authorization form and bring the medication and consent form to the health room for storage (exceptions are Epipen and inhalers, if authorized to self carry by parent and physician/provider).


Please note that if your student is going to carry an Epipen or Inhaler at school, they MUST have a consent form signed by the parent AND physician/provider to do so.

If your student will be self carrying an Epipen or inhaler, you may also leave a back up supply in the health room if you would like to. Note that if your student is carrying Benadryl, a consent is not needed as it is considered an "over the counter" medication.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Amy Owen, RN, School Health Nurse @ 512-414-7024 or via email